Antonin Selzanky

Field Projects Division Regional Director, the Man with the Green Gloves


Virtue: Charity
Vice: Greed

The Charismatic Regional Director of Cheiron Group’s inter-departmental Field Projects Division, Antonin Selzanky’s “real job” is head of public relations for the Cambridge-based Genezyme Corporation.

Rumors persist among FPD personnel that Selzanky was a field operative at some point, or voluntarily went under the Thaumatechnological knife to feel closer with the field operatives.

Others say he started wearing the green latex gloves after a meeting with the Board of Directors.

So far, all can be discovered for certain is that his parents were of Polish extraction, and that he lived the immigrant’s dream, working his way up the corporate ladder from a mail clerk’s position decades ago.

It’s unknown how much the FPD plays into this rise to power.

Antonin Selzanky

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