Rafe "Paints-the-Truth" Kovalev

Look At This Fucking Werester


Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy

Bartender at the Friendly Toast and part-time graffiti artist. His graffiti was charged enough that certain public officials made it “high priority” to hunt down the vandals, even pressuring the Feds to get involved. They tossed it off on their most disliked agent, Neamhin Massiah a.k.a. Agent Maebh

For reasons only known to him, Mr. Wednesday made no move to counter this clear waste of his agent’s time. Agent Maebh, however, quickly tracked the young artist back to his day job, but liked his artwork too much to want to bust him. She told him to tune down the politically motivated stuff and keep her informed of the goings on of the Boston Metro Area underworld and she’d look the other way.

He threw in the bar discount for free.

After the political graffiti disappeared, public officials stopped caring.

It doesn’t answer, though, how some of that graffiti got in the places it did. Because there’s no way he could get up there without attracting SOME kind of attention.

Rafe "Paints-the-Truth" Kovalev

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