Rory Calhoun

Agent of the Lucifuge


Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Sloth

Nobody ever sees Rory coming. That’s how he likes it.

Some claim he was a war profiteer during WWII while London suffered through The Blitz. Others paint him as older, having been a survivor of the trenches of WWI. A few claim (in as quiet a voice as possible) that he’s actually only 35 and most of his appearance and affectations are carefully calculated to give the appearance that he’s been around a damn sight longer than he has.

Regardless of his past, if Rory makes himself known to you, you’re in for trouble. Either he’s there to kill you, or he’s got a job for you, and most of the time the only difference between the two are how dirty his hands get.

Rory Calhoun

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