Sarah Standholm

The Girl in the Back Room


Virtue: Faith
Vice: Lust

Sarah Standholm is a scientist and pathologist working at the Chiron Group’s Pinnacle facility. A former field-agent, Sarah is now one of the best on-site thaumatech analysts for fresh specimens brought in by the Field Projects Division. While she tends to be sarcastic and abrasive, Sarah and Dr. Poole have been on amicable terms since an incident a year ago when a Mage broke out of containment inside the facility: When Poole discovered the man holding Sarah at knife-point, he managed to distract the magic-user for the critical second Sarah needed to stab him with the venomous spike in her elbow. Since then, Sarah has tolerated David’s occasional requests for information and specimen analysis, as well as his hopeless, awkward attraction to her.

Sarah Standholm

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