Dereg Sinclair

A "Man" of Wealth and Taste


Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath

To the high society of Boston and Cambridge, Dereg Sinclair is a notable patron of the arts that floats around parties and prefers to remain the anonymous backer of various artistic works, particularly the Boston opera.

To the Boston underside, however, Dereg Sinclair is a information broker, a power salesman. A man who knows men, who can put you contact with others, if you’ll only do him a favor. Most of the Boston underside assumes him a man who’s found himself a way to stay alive in the game through usefulness and assumed harmlessness.

To the Boston shadowside, he’s an old monster, who’s been around for a length of time that most can’t quite figure out. Attempts to research him are stymied, and those engaging in the investigation start losing sleep, plagued by dreams of starving to death in walk-in refrigerators. They tend to give up after a week or two, clinically insane from lack of sleep and perceived chill despite whatever heat there really is.

To the Lucifuge, he’s a Demon of the highest order that can still maintain a human disguise. He knows far more about anything than he should. He’s linked to countless murders. It’s suspected he has the rich and powerful of Boston eating out of his hand in a constant cult of passive-aggressive wrath. And he’s got a disturbing interest in Ray Costello.

And every single one of them is wrong.

Dereg Sinclair

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