The man identified as Matsumoto-sensei is apparently at the center of Boston’s Chinatown district. He works as a chef at Shabu Time! shabu-shabu restaurant where he can keep track of the goings-on in the neighborhood.

The A-Line Team was introduced to Matsumoto through a tip from Antonin Selzanky of the TCG. Matsumoto turned out to have been a member of the team that produced the V-23 Serum used to treat Agent Maebh, and volunteered that he had extensive experience in dealing with vampires and breaking vitae addiction. He apparently is also a guardian of Chinatown; retired from street-level hunting, he has ensured that the area is warded against malevolent intrusion through the use of geomantic principles.

Matsumoto shared a hotpot dish with the team that had unusual regenerative properties, indicating that he has advanced chemical or mystical training. He is also a trained martial artist, though the extent of his abilities remains unclear.

Matsumoto’s affiliations lie with The Ascending Ones, although this fact, as well as his standing with the group, is unknown to the team.


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