TCG Handbook

There is a book that has been mentioned from time to time in conspiracy theory rumor mills and online forums frequented by shadow chasers. It’s supposed to be a corporate guide to the world of darkness, a “how to” manual on monsters and survival for humans. Even more disturbing, the book seems to indicate the the reader should be trying not only to survive and destroy monsters, but capture them intact for “retrieval.” Just what this means is unclear. In fact, just who wants the monsters is also unclear; the book refers only to a “Company.” It has no ISBN number, publisher reference, or even date of publication. Those who’ve seen it claim that it’s an innocuous-seeming brown paperback.

Those people tend not to be heard from again. Copies, when seen, tend to disappear again with freakish regularity.

The book in question is the handbook of The Chiron Group’s Field Projects Division, commonly referred to simply as “the Handbook” within the company. The Handbook as a physical object is notorious for being incomplete or inaccurate on a wide variety of subjects, but TCG field assets are expected to know the sections concerning regulations and procedures by heart. In addition to the paperback copy, additions and errata are sometimes printed to provide field assets new materials.

[[Antonin Selzanky has authorized David Poole to share some Chiron intelligence from the Handbook with his team, including, so far, a section on the Hawthorne Effect which has helped the group master the Moral Support merit.

TCG Handbook

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