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A Storytelling game of Hope in the Darkness.

The World of Darkness is a violent one. A desperate one. Where good things come only with sacrifice, and it’s all to easy to take the easy way out. Spiral into madness. Ignore the rot beneath the street.

The World of Darkness is a world where the little match girl dies in the street.

But not always.

Some days it’s a heroic world. A world where one hand clutches a candle and holds it up for his friends.

A world where some choose, instead, to rail against the dying light. To pick up gun and defend humanity until the sun comes again.

The A-Line had a choice. They chose to not look away. They chose to pick up arms.

The Lonely Doctor. The Haunted Reporter. The Broken Agent. The Despairing Academic. The Bewildered Socalite.

They fight because some days, everyone lives. Some days, the little girl in the snow can be saved.

Some days, the Candle keeps burning.

Home Page

To Light a Candle tazo85